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Hi I'm Steph an awkward individual. Not a dancing queen only 18, i like what i like.
Multifandom blog; Superwholock + anime + lots of other random shit that tickles me. So yeah...

24. February 2013

So im back, i leave for a week and ilene and eugene at least changed their profile pictures. i feel liek i missed a huge chunk of my life learning about how to be a better person and cry a little more on deep issues. and i made me sad that all my notifcations on facebook were like phone numbers and forbes sending me a inv to some werid facebook game and nothing importatnt lolol… NO SUPERNATURAL FOR A WEEK EYEYEYEEYEY MY LIFE. It was kind of nice to not havea  phone or techjnnoologyu for so long and i sitll havent checked my phone messages lolol. wow im gettign tired now. i still really want ramen and i need to download my pictures omg.

Sunday, 24 - 02 - 2013